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Solar Do Castelo is a lovely upscale, Romantic Boutique hotel situated in the fascinating historic centre of Lisbon.
The hotel has two floors, an attic floor, an inner courtyard and garden, that actually has Medieval ruins, for instance and old cistern. The rooms are filled with tall the contemporary services and amenities expected like free wireless access in all of the guest rooms and in the common areas.

A mansion was constructed inside the walls of the St. Jorge's Castle during the XVIII century. Here was the original location of the Kitchen Mansion an it is still called the "Palacete das Cozinhas" (Kitchen Mansion). The hotel is composed of two floors and an attic area, an inner courtyard and gardens. It also has its own very important antique ruins; the cistern and it was believed to have been part of the original buildings of the castle.
The mansion is a mix of architectural styles; the rationalist Pombal which you will notice in the serious windows frames and the main gateway. Other details are more creative and freer like the detail on the entrance of the gate where the date "1765" is displayed which could very well be the date of when the structure was built.The mansion, is considered an Historic Building and has been changed into a lovely hotel called Solar Do Castelo. It is a creative atmosphere where a combination of architectural styles and modern detail have been creatively used.


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